Android 4.3 Spotted Running on Samsung Galaxy S IV Google Edition

Rumours have been flying around about the next iteration of Android that is most likely to be an incremental update to version 4.3. We expected Google to make some comments about it at Google I/O but that never happened. However, Google did announce the Galaxy S IV Google Edition at I/O and there may have been some subtle hints about the next version of Android in the device which has gone on sale just recently.


We did see the Galaxy S IV and the HTC One Google Edition sporting a new Camera interface which was very different from the one found on the Nexus 4, a device that runs Android 4.2 Jelly bean out of the box. However, it was fairly confusing as the Google Editions of the device is marked to be running Android 4.2 as well. So, the speculation was that the new Camera interface is the one that is slated to be found on the Android version 4.3. However, that is not all, the Samsung Galaxy S IV has been caught in the wild running the stock Android 4.3.

This is once again a little off the mark because Google did make clear that the Google Editions of S IV and One will get updates from their respective OEMs and not Google. If that is the case then the Android version 4.3 may well already be with the OEMs in testing phase and we may see the update as early as this month. There is no saying the screenshots above are absolutely genuine but doubting a strong player like Sammobile may not be the most intelligent thing.

Via: Sammobile

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