Android 4.5 to bring a major UI change?

Android has come a long way from the days of Android 1.6. There have been changes in the UI, app collection has grown exponentially and the OS is able to do so much more than it did. However, as tech enthusiasts, enough is never enough for us. The day one update is released, we are already speculating about the next one and keeping an eye on what new could be on board for us to play with. According to the latest screenshots obtained by Android Police, the UI of the next Android update thought to be 4.5 would be heavily changed from what we have seen so far.


Google will go back to contrast color based, heavily shadowed and not square shaped icons. The icons seem to draw influence from the design language of the web icons on Google as they seem to bring a common set of theme for both online and web. Surprisingly, Google is also moving away from the flat design back to textures and shadow based iconography. It is rather strange if this move does go through given how vocal Google has been about following one design language of flat work especially to its developers. With Kitkat update barely a few months old, this is in a way ruling over all the stuff that KitKat stood for.


However, the screenshots do not have any system log or information about the device they were running on, so there is still a chance that a lot of this may not turn up being what think it is. Internally at Google though, this update is called ‘Moonshine’ which certainly is an interesting name if nothing else.

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