Android 5.0 Rolls out for the HTC M7 in India

Possibly our most favorite Android phone, in terms of at least the build quality, aesthetics and feel, HTC One M7 is set to receive the Android 5.0 Lollipop update in India. Some of the users are already reporting the update is being received as an OTA, while the others are still in line, given the batch rollout. It has already been confirmed by HTC, that the HTC M7 is at the end of its life cycle with the Lollipop update set to be the last for the device. It is not too bad for a phone that is now two generations old, though when you see the iPhone 4s still received the iOS 8.1 update, you do see why Android fans may feel a little aggrieved.


In order to check for the OTA update, you must go to Settings > About > Software Updates > and then select “Check now” and most likely you will receive the notification for update if you have not tampered with any system files. The update is pretty huge so we would recommend you to use WiFi in order to download it. It would also not be a bad idea to backup your phone before you update the device, even though there is no chance that your data would be lost or compromised.

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