Android 5.1 Announced

On the back of what was a rather interesting Apple keynote and announcement session, Google has quietly announced the update to Android 5.1. You just may laugh at it cause barely 5% Android phones out there are running Android KitKat in the first place, but the version 5.1 is out in case you wish to fiddle around with things on it.

Android 5.1

The factory images for the Nexus devices, including the Nexus 10, Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 have been made available already, so you can go ahead and manually flash things in case you have not received OTA updates just as yet.

While Android 5.1 does bring stability and host of bug fixes, you will not find any real changes in the UI of your phone post upgrading it. There are mainly three new features that have been added to the Android version, including support for HD voice calling, better management of Dual SIM device, which would be a welcome addition here in South East Asia as well as better device protection which will basically lock your phone if stolen unless the Google Account password is entered, even if the phone is wiped out clearly. Other than these two, you have quick WiFi management in the quick toggles above the notification bar as well as better management of paired Bluetooth devices on board.

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