Android Applications That You Must Download When You Buy A New Phone

Android is without a shadow of doubt now the best selling mobile Operating system landing more market shares than even the iPhone. However, some complain that there is so much to do in Android, that at times we do not know from where to start. Here is our guide to what you must do with your brand new Android phone.

1) A New Launcher:

A new launcher is an absolute necessity for a brand new Android device. We know the customisation ability of an android smartphone, but loads of companies take an undue advantage of this and install custom UI over it. You might have seen UI like HTC Sense, Motoblur, Samsung Touch WIz etc. however, it’s not a necessity that you might like these so a launcher is an easy way out. Some of the good launchers out there are Go Launcher, Launcher Pro, ADW Launcher etc. You can download most of these for absolute free from the market place.

2) Weather Widgets:

Smartphones are not just devices used to make phone calls or send texts. We use them for information of various kinds, and one of the things that is really helpful is finding out the weather and weather forecasts. There are some great weather widgets like accuweather, the weather channel and beautiful widgets which are an amazing choice if you want a weather widget on your home screen.

3) An Alternate Keyboard:

We wrote a comprehensive guide on choosing various keyboards that are available for an android smart phones here. The keyboard on gingerbread devices is honestly a little sketchy and typing can be a little cumbersome since the keys are not spaced out properly. I personally would recommend slideIT as well as Swift keyboard for much better and accurate typing. However, if you are using an ICS built then the stock keyboard is amazing in itself.

4) Your Social Networking Applications:

It is strange that today we cannot imagine our world without social networking. I mean, we all did live at a time when Facebook or twitter did not even exist, but for some reason that age seem so alien now. There are various third party applications that are available for Facebook or twitter but in my opinion the official clients work the best and are most efficient. It should be one of the first things you must do when you buy a new android smartphone, configure your smartphone.

5) K9 Email client:

If you regularly communicate via emails just like me, you might want a client that is clean and has push notifications enabled. The gmail client that comes pre installed in your device, works really well, but what if you do not have an account on gmail and would like to customise your other email accounts, then k9 is one of the first applications that you must install. The applications extremely easy to use and the UI is very simple and works better than any of the email clients out there.

6) Good Time Passing Games:

There is always a situation in life when we have to pass time, be that while we are waiting for someone or maybe evens hen we are idle, our only companion in times like those is our smart phone. So in order to help us pass that time, we must have some games that are a good time pass and do to hit too hard where the battery is concerned. Games like Ninjump or even the ever famous angry birds make for an excellent time pass.

7) A Good Video Player:

The stock video player on Android does lack customization. It is a pretty standard player and there is very little you can do. If you like to listen to your music your way then the chances are you would want to download a music application that lets you change the video formats and play various video formats. The best recommendation for this is MX Video Player. It works brilliantly well and lets you to change the equalisers as well as plays some of the most commonly known formats of video like you want. You can also customize the clicks if you are using a music controllable headphones. Over all it made my music experience far more enjoyable.

8.) A Notes Taking Application:

Android does lack a good application where you could take or make notes. The standard reminder system is integrated with the calendar and there is only so much you can do using that. I would suggest downloading Colour Note. They not only let you take notes, but also let you post them as post it’s on your desktop in the form of widgets. This is really useful if you have a bad memory and need to be constantly reminded of certain things.

9) A Task Killer:

A task killer is extremely important if you are using an Android smartphone which is below the 2.3 version. Ginger bread does have an inbuilt coding which smartly manages your application, however Froyo and Eclair do have a tendency of running applications in the background which in turn is a sucker for the battery. To help you kill tasks efficiently the are plenty of application in the market. The one I suggest would be Advanced Task Killer, it is available for free and works ally well. The UI is smooth and there is not much you can mess in your system by it.

10) Uninstaller:

An inbuilt Uninstaller is available only since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich. However, since most of the phones are still running Froyo or Gingerbread, downloading and installer is a must. What Uninstaller does is that it readily and easily removes applications from your device otherwise you have to go all the way in to system setting and applications and remove every application individually which can be boring and very time consuming. There are plenty of good uninstallers available from the market ace. You can try out Easy Uninstaller which works well and does what it’s name suggests.

So this was the list of applications that we feel you must install on your newly bought Android smartphone if you wish to make your experience even better. Not only they improve the beauty of your device but also in plenty of ways make it a lot more easy to use. Do you have a particular application that you feel maybe we have not covered and you downloaded when you bought your smartphone? Do let us know in the comments section.

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