Android Browser Shortcuts

We all love our Android Devices but even more than that what we love more is using various shortcuts to get our jobs done rather easily. So today we thought we will give you a shortcut to work with on your Android Device. Now, even though I on a personal level don’t really like using the default Android browser, Skyfire and Dolphin HD do a much better job for me but if you are one of those who does use the default Android Browser here is a shortcut for you to access your web history quickly. So what exactly do you have to do?

Once you are in your browser and you want to access the history just long press the back button of your device and the history tab should automatically open up. On some Android devices and tablets one can access the bookmarks and the most visited tab as well. Even though you can still access the history from your settings but this gives you a swift way to to reach to your history in just a second. Here is a video from showing the working of the shortcut.

Check it out:

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