Android Device Manager Goes Live: Very Hit and Miss so Far

We recently wrote a post on how Android had released a service that would help you trace your lost Android phones and help you trace them or wipe them off remotely. The service was very much coming soon, until late last night when we did get the service pushed to the device. To activate the service, you must be running Android version 4.2.


To activate it, you must go  to the Settings of your device, from there go to security, click on Device Administrators and check Android Device Manager which would be appearing there. Once you do that, Android Device Manager is activated on your smart phone and you can track it remotely. However, make sure that you are on Android version 4.2 or above.

Since the service has just recently rolled out, there are a lot of performance issues, we have seen from reliable tech enthusiasts complain that their devices were not being tracked and they could not ring it either, this prompted us to give it a shot and we returned unimpressed Although, the device is listed in the ADM section of your Google account, it does not contact the device nor does it ring it. We tried even switching the GPS and WI-Fi on, just to test the service, but it did not work. Looks like, Google will take it’s time to set these performance issues right and get things rolling. Till then though, the service remains very hit and miss.


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