Android JellyBean on more than 50 Percent Android Devices

Android has been notoriously been accused of lack of lack of uniformity across the platform. It has been one of the major drawbacks of the OS as compared to the likes of iOS which has pushed updates for even devices which are three to four year old and above all, make the updates available all at the same time for devices. Due to OEMs opting for skins and plenty of telecom partners taking their time over the updates, it takes time for Android to implement latest updates on its devices. While the latest Android version is Kitkat 4.4, it is worth noting you can still find plenty of devices still either on GingerBread and ICS.


However, the good news is that more than 50% of the devices are now on Android JellyBean which is version 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3. This marks a remarkable achievement for Android as it has been the highest adoption rate of any Android OS. It has been well over an year and a half since we first saw Android 4.1, and it has taken a long time especially when putting into context that Apple reported it had about 60% of it’s devices running on iOS 7 within days of release.

With KitKat Android is trying to make adoption even easier, so dont be surprised if all the talk of lack of uniformity would soon be a thing of the past soon.

Via: Android Developers

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