Android M to Make an Appearance at the Google I/O?

The Google I/O is just around the corner and while the excitement is all around maybe a new device or two or even a new Android version, there has been no clear indications that any of the two will happen. Untill now. Google yesterday put up the final schedule of the Google I/O to give the developers a clarity on what each of the sessions will offer and it was here where Google dropped a major hint that maybe, the next Android version which is most likely to be called Android M to start off with will be shown off.

Android M

Android M made an appearance in the description of the new Android For Work session which is slated to happen on May 28th. Since the event is post the Keynote, which starts at 9:30 AM, it would not be wrong to think that maybe there was something more to it that just Google trolling the internet with Android M, with guess work already beginning if Android M will stand for Android M&M or Android Malai Kulfi.

Google had announced the Android L at Google I/O last year and since then barely 10% of the currently active devcies are running the latest from the labs of Google and you would be right to be concerned about the rollout and adaptation percent especially if a new version of Android is out while the previous one is not even the most popular OS version present.

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