Android Market Store Now has Your Favourite Marvel Comics

Most of us have grown up reading Captain America, Superman and Spiderman. They were probably our first heroes, and all this at a time when the comics were paperback, and we loved collecting these rare comics and probably even trade them. But with the advancement of technology, all the paperback versions have been digitalized and now for all you marvel fans you can download your favorite comic books to your Android smartphones and Tablets. This is because the world famous publication, marvel comics has bought out its official Application that lets you to read the comics on your Android device.

You may feel you are too grown up for this app but for once go back to the days when you were a young kid, am sure, it would be an application, you would absolutely love. The layout is really pretty, it’s well done, and the choices of your favourite comics are a plenty. If you are into bit of e-reading, there is no better way to pass time than with some of the super hero stuff. You also have the option of buying the comics in paperback version which is really handy!

There is a share button as well, letting you to share your favourite comics, which is a nice way to let your friends know about it on social network sites like G+, Gmail etc. I had downloaded the client on both my Desire HD and Nexus S and despite difference in screen sizes, the app rendered really well. The application is available for free in the market place, however you have to pay approximately the same amount of $2 that you have to in order to buy a paperback version, so am sure, you all are now intrigued enough and cannot wait to read your favourite comics.

Check out Marvel Comics for Android.

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