Android Surges past iOS in the Usage Stats

While Android and iOS have been closely matched in terms of feature sets and overall user experience of their users, Apple has always beaten the stick of users on iOS using their devices much more than those who are on Android. They cite the reason for the same that due to a more immersive and integrated experience that users with iOS devices cannot help but use their devices.

Usage- iOS

However, for the first time in the coexistence of the two, Android has gone past iOS in terms of usage of the devices. In a study published by Net Applications, Android usage stats have risen to 44.62% while for iOS the stats nose dived to 44.19%. Obviously there is nothing much between the two, and you can see the balance tipping back in the favour of iOS especially with the iOS 8 release in the coming months.

Having the largest user base in the market has definitely helped Android and the popularity of the platform is at an all time high. If you are a Windows Phone user, then there is a good news there too as the usage stats have gone up to 2.49%.

Which mobile platform do you use, and how many hours do you spend on your device? Let us know in the section below.

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