Android version 4.4 is KitKat

Yes, you read it right, and no we are not suddenly changing our niche from a tech blog to a foodblog by talking about potential chocolates we would like to have. In an effort to perhaps make Android more ‘lickable’, Google have deviced to go with the name Kitkat for their Android version 4.4. It is indeed interesting this move given that everyone knew the next Android version was slated to be called Key Lime Pie. Most of the experts believe that using a name like Kitkat is nothing more than a marketing exercise to bring in a name that everybody knows and loves. Apparently, a deal was stuck with Nestle to be able to use the trademark name.

Android version 4.4

Director of Partnerships for Android told BBC, that the main reason for not using the name Key Lime Pie was that not many people know what it is and do not know the taste of it. Google have said,”It’s our goal with Android KitKat to make an amazing Android experience available for everybody.”

It is said that the deal was finalised within hours and the main reason the name KitKat was picked was because it has been a personal favorite of Hiroshi Lockheimer’s, who is the Engineering Head of Android. We do expect that the next Android version could well be announced in the last quarter of this year.

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