Android vs iOS Design Guide

Gone are the days when apps use dto be exclusive on iOS and those on Android had to wait months on end for the platform release. Today, most of the applications are released simultaneously on Android and iOS putting the whole theory of fragmentation in Android to rest. While fragmentation does exists, it no more is the big bug it used to be in the days gone by. Most of the apps are compatible with phones running Android 4.1 and above, and they definitely constitute more than about 60% of the Android phones.

However, there is still a major difference in the design lingo of an Android and iOS app. One may argue that iOS apps are more polished and work better as compared to the Android compatriot. The whole experience is certainly different. So, what are the difference in which a common Android and iOS app differs? Here is an interesting infographic to give you a quick rundown of subtle difference between an Android and iOS apps. Most of these difference actually are noticeable and in most cases are forced as Android for the moment at least supports more screen sizes than iOS. So, take a look and go back and compare and iOS and Android app from the same developer and map the differences.

iOS & Android Design Guidelines Cheat Sheet

by Kinvey.
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