Android Wear Devices to Receive Doze Mode in the Latest Update

Android made a big deal when it announced the Doze Mode in phones with Marshmallow 6.0. It was yet another attempt by Google to help optimise the battery life on Android phones. Basically, what Doze does is that it detects that the phone is lying idle for 30 minutes and then automatically shifts the processes to a low power mode, which basically saves the battery. The only applications that are not really affected by Doze are the ones that have been signed with Google Cloud Messaging feature, but it definitely does help improve the battery life.

Doze on Moto 360

Google plans to bring the exact same feature to Android Wear devices too now. One of the major pain point of the users who have been using Android Wear has been the fact that the battery life on them has been really below par. This is why although a good product, the Motorola Moto 360 struggled to take off. With Doze as well as the Marshmallow features such as individual app permission, you will have more control over your Android Wear device than ever.

The most recent update also enabled speaker support on Android Wear Watches and few new gestures. However, post this update the Marshmallow update is expected to rollout which will bring the aforementioned speakers.

Are you also struggling with the battery life on your Android Wear devices and are frustrated? Do you think that having Doze on board will be helpful? Let us know in the section below. You can read all about the new enhancements here.

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