Android Wear Finally Comes to iPhone

Google has finally decided to pull the plug and bring in Android Wear to the iPhone. The mummers of the same happening have been going on for a while that Google has been planning to bring the software that enable the working of an Android Wear Watch with an iPhone for a while, but the news was made official late yesterday evening. The way to setup your iPhone to work with an Android Wear watch is very similar to the way you set up your Android device that is by simply going ahead installing the Android Wear app and then syncing the watch to the phone by turning on Bluetooth on the device.

It is worth noting that while it has been claimed that only three Android Wear watches work with the iPhone, several users have been able to get the watches like those not listed to work with the iPhone too without any issues. We ourselves were able to get our LG G Watch to work with the iPhone 6 Plus without any hassles. Our claims are verified by the Twitter user @Preshit who too, was able to work out the same. We have embedded his tweet showing the working LG G Watch with his iPhone above.


You must have an iPhone 5 and above and running iOS 8.2+ for the app to sync to Android Wear devices. As per the official release from Google here, currently on the LG G Watch Urbane works with the iPhones but with all the upcoming devices with Google’s Android Wear OS, there will be no compatibility issues.

Via: Google Blog

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