Android Wear to get a major Update Next Month

Android Wear, Google’s Wearable platform has undergone a fair few changes thanks to incremental updates in the past year or so since it was launched. Things have definitely been simplified and few new features have been added such as direct support for WiFi on the device. And that might not be all because the next major update of the Android Wear is set to hit the town in the next month or so.

Android Wear Next Update

Usually reliable, Phandroid have reported that a new update will be shipped out for Android Wear starting July 28th onwards which will see the platform get cross watch sharing. The feature will be called Together and is very similar to what we have seen on Apple Watch where users send each other heart beats. On Android Wear though, you will be able to send messages, stickers as well as emojis. The update will also bring interactive watch faces, whereby, tapping on the watch face will bring out a host of settings of the likes of watch faces or activities that are going on. It is not clear though whether this tap on sort of a gesture will be available for only select default watch faces or will the third party watch faces be able to use it too.

Guess either way, we shall find out very soon if the report turns out to be true!

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