Android Widgets You Must Know About

Widgets are without a doubt one of the biggest selling points of android. Widgets basically enable you to see live information on your screen as and when it updates. So here I present to you a list of widgets I think you should all consider having on your android smartphone.

Beautiful widgets: Beautiful widgets is a personal favorite of mine. They pack you a clock widget, and weather widget and many more which make your screen look very pretty. The best feature about beautiful widgets is that they are very light and do not take too much memory hence making sure your system does not lag. Like the name suggests, they are pretty and very useful to display informations on your homescreen.

Animated weather widget: I personally am a huge fan of the weather animation on the screen when we unlock it, and the rain, the clouds, the brightest sunshine really makes the UI very pretty. The Animated weather adds a weather widget telling about the temperature conditions of the place you select. It is available for free in the market place and allows you a choice of widget size.

Multicon widget: Very often it happens with us that we want more icons on our home screen than the space is afforded on the screen. In this case Multicon widget is your savior. It basically allows you to add a lot many more icons on the homescreen than the standard four across in one line. It is available for free in the market and is easy to use. Plus it also is rather light hence making sure you do not experience any lag at all.

Audio manager widget: This is a wonderful widget. We use our smartphone as the device for music player and various other sound playing things, and so to have a widget that controls all the sound outputs of your device on the homescreen is a wonderful feature. It is also a for free in the market place though at times it does experience a slight lag.

Contact widget: There are always a few contacts whom we contact a little more as compared to the rest. The contact widget let’s you to add the contacts you wish to contact at press one button on your homescreen. It gives you the options of either calling or texting them and you can add as any contacts as you wish to. It is a very light widget and very useful. It displays the picture of the contact as the widget. Contact widget is also available for free in the android market place.

Colourize widget: Colorize widgets is a set of various widgets and some of them are Facebook widget, twitter, google reader etc. They display the feeds and your time line. The best thing about them is that they are completely customizable from color to content to size. However one major drawback I found with these is that they are scrollable widgets as a result would work only on launchers that support scrolling like ADW launcher, go launcher etc. But they don’t work on the HTC sense if you are using that as it does not support scrolling widget. It is available for free but the pre version is paid. I highly recommend getting it.

Evernote: I am a huge evernote fan. I love how quickly and efficiently I can take all my notes and sync it with the cloud and use it on any device whenever I want. The widget is rather simple and makes for easy uploading to cloud and simple composition of notes. It comes free with the application which is free and hardly consumes much space. It definitely is a must have on your homescreen.

Google docs: Google docs is a remarkable way of sharing your documents online with your contacts on gmail. It let’s you show them what you’r working on and get opinions. Google docs wide is again a very plain and simple widget which does a great job of composing a new document, be it a text document or a spreadsheet one. It let’s you add photos from the camera straight from your homescreen and is extremely easy to use plus very comfortable. The size is good and it is available we the Google docs application which is available for free.

Twitter: Twitter is simply an awesome social networking site. It is brilliant to share with your followers what you are upto. But sometimes we do not want to get the Hassel of opening the entire app, we just want to tweet away the status and get done. The native android twitter app allows you to do that with the onboard widget. It is again a simple widget and does just what it needs to, and that is to compose a tweet and add the picture. It is again free and available with the native twitter app. It comes in two different sizes based on users convenience.

Bob clock: Bob clock is a wonderful widget that makes beautiful analogy clock. It gives you option of using various colors, an in depth way colourify your clock how you want. The clock is text based and really makes the screen look very beautiful. It is not really a utility application but more of an anesthetic one, but we really love making our phones look pretty so do download this widget for free from the market place.

Do you agree with my list of widgets? What are the ones that you love? Do leave your comments!


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