Antirun is a Perfect Tool To Prevent USB Drive Malware Attack

Today removable storage plays an extremely important role in how we store our data. In fact everyone of us has a pen drive or an external hard drive for storing our data on the go. As a result of this we use our pen drives and hard drives in various computers apart from ours. And in the process very often it happens that our pen drives or hard Drives accumulate a ware or virus that we are unaware of, or we plug an external into our system and corrupt our own system due to the files being automatically read.

Antirun makes sure that your system is not at risk from the attacks of the bots present in the external drives you attach to your PC. It automatically scans the entire drive when you insert it into the PC and displays a warning in case there is one. If in case a virus is detected then you are presented with an option to heal it. The USB devices connected are connected in a tabular format. Antirun actually does not straight away run or execute the USB but uses a method like Dropbox for dragging and dropping the data from the USB or in USB.


Antirun can work across all the platforms on windows and is a very safe way for checking and using your USB. You should always use this tool before plugging any external device so as a result no malwares are accidently run on your system. This is a very practical application and one that most of our readers will find space on their hard disk for.

Download Antirun Free.

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