APOD Wallpaper Downloads and Sets Wallpaper of Your Desktop Automatically

If you are someone who is interested in space and astrology and are interested in this field, then you will find this tool to be a lot of fun. As you geeks must be aware, APOD stands for Astronomy Picture Of the Day. This is a website created by NASA where they post a new picture of space everyday and provide a little bit of information about that picture. APOD wallpaper is a free tool which downloads these wallpapers and set it as your wallpaper and daily changes the wallpaper automatically.

The app has the option of selecting the scaling of the image on your desktop, whether you want it stretched, scaled, centered or tiled. You can select the time when the app should look for new wallpapers.

Also when you right click on the icon on the taskbar, the app gives an explanation about the picture displayed on that day. Everyday a new picture will appear and you can view some information about the picture.

This application is really fun to use and is also informative. So you just don’t have a wallpaper, you can learn something as well. The installation takes not more than 2 minutes after extraction and the app has the option of whether to launch on startup or not.

Download APOD Wallpaper.

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