AppCent Allows You to See The Download Progress Of Your App On iOS

iPhone was the original device that actually bought the applications to a handheld device, no wonder phones became smart phones. Since their launch we are always on the lookout for the latest apps, be it a feature app or a utility or even a game, we just are not prepared to be left behind. talking about myself, i spend at least an hour daily surfing around the App Store. However, every so often it happens that we have to download a rather big application. For example it could be one of the latest asphalt racing games or even something like FIFA which at times are in GB’s and not MB’s. During such instances it becomes criminally boring to watch the app slider just go on and on. It is like one of those PC games installations where you would want to know the exact progress of your application downloaded. This would also enable you to know exactly how much of data you have already consumed just in case you are downloading on 3G and enable you to pause the download in case you feel that the bandwidth might be getting consumed. We have the perfect solution for this problem, if you are on a jailbroken iDevice though.

AppCent is an extremely useful jailbreak tweak that lets you monitor the application download in terms of percentages. This way you do not have to sit and glare at the screen always and can carry on doing your other tasks while the application downloads. What this amazing tweak by rud0lf77 does is that it adds a small percentage at the bottom of your application when it is being downloaded giving users the important information. To install this useful tweak all you have to do is go to cydia on your jailbroken device and search for appcent. It is available in modmyi repo for thise who wish to know.

Once the downloading is done, promptly retsart and your springboard and you will see the magic happen as you download a new application. You can also disable this feature if you wish to by going into settings menu and there clicking on disable under appcent though why you would do that is something only you can answer.

How did you find this tweak? Do let us know in the section below.

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