AppDialer: Use gestures to launch applications

One thing which every iphone user will agree on is the lack of gestures. With such a superb touch screen and plethora of applications, unavailability of gestures is an issue which needs to be taken care of. AppDialer is once such tweak which fulfills all your desires to launch applications using android like gestures. And not only patterns, you can also dial numbers to launch applications.
It’s a very handy tweak. Just imagine, you are browsing for something on your web browser and listening to music as the same time. You feel like changing the song,apple has given you an option,double press the home button and you have the ipod controls, but I have been using iphone for 3 years now and only last year this multi tasking option got available, and my friends,to be honest,sometimes double pressing the home button just exits the window you are on. It’s annoying.
With AppDialer, all you will have to do is, set a way of launching it using activator, enter the pattern or a number which you must have configured ,and done, you will directly be taken to that particular application.
This application is also a boon for those people whose home button ,because of frequent usage is not as fluent and precise and smooth as it once was.Besides, it doesn’t fail to impress your friends 😉

The best part about this is ,its as light as a feather, just 302 kb and its FREE,and but obviously only for those who have a jailbroken iphone.Check out some screen shots for better understanding and for more clarity about the beauty of this tweak, download it J


Whether to draw a pattern, or dial a number to launch an application is completely your choice, but why not utilize this tweak when all you have to do is click on the install button and wait for 30 seconds? Worth a try!

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