Apple Announces All New iPod Touch 16 GB for $230

The common notion is that if you like the iPhone and cannot afford one, or do not want to own it as your smart phone, then you pick an iPod Touch. It is basically an iPhone which does not make calls or send text messages nor offer LTE or 3G connectivity. Only a lot slimmer. So, it is no surprise that iPod Touches are one of the most popular devices out there. Apple recently announced new iPod touches which had a longer 4 inch Retina display, a refresh from the old 3.5 inch models. But, that is history now as Apple have announced new 16 GB iPod Touches, the main difference? They lack the rear iSight Camera.

iPod Touch New

The timing of the announcement is pretty odd, as you got to think that Apple could have waited for another 10 days when the WWDC kicks off and perhaps could have announced the new iPod Touch in the conference. Not to be though, the new iPod Touch will retail for $230. The internals are the same as the new iPod Touch also runs the same A5 dual core chip. There is a front facing camera though to help you Facetime with friends and family. The new iPod Touch will be available in Apple Stores from May 31st and will be available in Silver color.

It indeed is interesting that Apple is now going the route of releasing budget devices, could the iPod Touch just be a start and we could perhaps see a budget iPhone too at WWDC? It may be speculation only, but a mouth watering one.

Via: Gizmodo

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