Apple Announces iOS 9 at WWDC 2015

Of all the announcements that were made at the WWDC 2015, the one that really grabbed most attention and the most relevant one in terms of sheer following was the announcement of iOS 9. iOS 9 will succeed the current iOS 8 in fall but the public betas will be available right from July onwards for people to try out and give their feedback before the final version is rolled out. iOS 9 will require only a foot space of about 1.3 GB on your iPhone or iPad making sure your devices have more space for music, apps and games. The update also brings a better search, better privacy controls, enhanced battery life as well as a new power saver mode which will keep your phone up for longer.


iOS 9 will also bring in 2 step authentication as well as 6 digit passcode, which will ensure your devices will be more secure than ever. Searching from Spotlight has been enhanced too with results being contextually relevant based on your location and time of the day. Passbook has been renamed to Wallet in iOS 9 and while it still essentially stores your cards and boarding passes, you will also be able to store reward cards, loyalty cards and more. Oh and the interface looks slightly more vibrant.

Transit information has ben added to the maps, making the entire piece a little more robust. Photos app has been updated too with continuous scrolling of images in full screen so that you do not have to come back and forth. There was good news for iPad users too, as finally Apple has brought split screen-dual app multi tasking. Newstand too has been replaced with a new intuitive News app which will share with you news in a plain neat format, very much like Flipboard. Siri is smarter and the multi tasking window too has got a makeover for iPads.

Overall, iOS 9 has been a major update, and we have been pleasantly surprised with the things it has brought on table given relative secrecy around the entire WWDC keynote before it went live

Via: The Wired

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