Apple Announces Q2 Profits: Here is how they stack up against competition

This has been a week of lots of numbers and earning calls. We had Google and Microsoft releasing their Q1 results last week and just last night we had Apple posting their Q2 results. As a result we now have all the three tech giants post their figures already and are in a position to stack them against each other and compare them for ultimate supremacy.

Apple vs Google vs Microsoft1

Apple remains the top dog in the tech players as it posted a total earning of $35.3 Billion as compared to $19.2 Billion of Microsoft and $14.1 Billion of Google. Although Apple has made significantly lower as compared to previous quarters as well as if compared to this time last year but still the company seems to be doing well. There is also a little worry that the Cupertino based company is now making least on the sale of every iDevice than it ever has.

However, it must be kept in mind that although Google and Microsoft have had some top launches this quarter in terms of new devices, Apple only has announced a refreshed line of Macbook Air computers and a new iOS at WWDC and not any game changing mobile device. Yet, if the company has easily outscored the competition shows, the strength and hold of Apple.

Via: The Verge

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