Apple begins Exchange Programme to Replace iPhone 5 with Faulty Power Buttons

The power buttons on the iPhones are perhaps the most abused parts, and no wonder they more often than not give up if used too aggressively. The other day, in an honest attempt to count, I ended up arriving at a figure of a total 62 clicks of the power button in order to turn my iPhone 5s on or off. Therefore it becomes absolutely crucial, that the power button is working. To Apple’s credit, more often than not, their build quality is top notch and there are little issues to report.

iPhone 5 Power button replacement

However, looks like the iPhone 5 is an exception to the rule, especially those that were manufactured through March of 2013. The devices manufactured during this period are reported to have issues with the power button which causes them to not be responsive after a certain period of time. Keeping its customers at the forefront, like they always do, Apple has decided to run an exchange programme for the faulty iPhone 5 whereby you can exchange the faulty device for a brand new one.

To do this, you must visit Apple’s official website here and enter your iPhone serial number to check if your device is covered in the programme or not. If it is, and the power button is not working, Apple will replace the device in 4-6 working days. You will need to take the faulty iPhone 5 to Apple Care or send the device across via mail. The exchange programme is active in the US from 25th of April, while for the rest of the world, you will have to wait all the way up to May 2nd to utilize the service.

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