Apple bets Big on the Accessory Market and Announces a Power Jacket for iPhone 6 and 6s.

Take it as first steps or signs of how seriously Apple is taking the accessories market, or just a plain simple admission that they screwed up with te battery life, but Apple has released a power jacket for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Another way of looking at the move is that, perhaps, Apple would now get away by making the next generation of iPhones even thinner and saying that they are bundling an inexpensive portable battery with it, so the user does not suffer from any distress.

iPhone 6s-jacket

The design of the power jacket itself is rather poor. And in fact, if you took that Apple logo out of the back, you would be hard pressed to confirm that this indeed is a product that Apple has designed. There is a very weird rectangular bump on the back which houses the battery and there are extra receptors on the case to ensure the call quality doesn’t drop. The case has a flexible top portion so that it can pulled over the iPhone. The case charges with a lightening cable and thanks to some interesting work by Apple, you will be able to see the battery life, both of the case and the iPhone on the iPhone in the notification center.

There is a charging LED on the power-case, though for some odd reason its on the inside face, which means that if you have your iPhone in the power jacket, there is no way you will see if the jacket is charging, unless you turn your iPhone on. There is no way to cut off the supply from the case, if the charging cord is attached, and the case cannot even take your iPhone 6/6s to 100% from 0% battery, even on full charge. Yet, this costs $99 and people are very likely to buy one, simply because, the battery life on the iPhone 6 has been really poor.

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