Apple Brings the 8 GB iPhone 5c in India for Rs 37,500

If nothing tickles your fancy bar an iPhone and you do nothing on your iPhone but some social media and reading, then the new iPhone 5c with 8GB memory would be your dream smartphone. There have been rumors adrift about Apple aggressively marketing the iPhone 5c 8GB in India. The device was officially released in India on Friday for a marked price of rs 37,500. While this price may sound a bit off the roof, there is more to the story.

iPhone 5c

According to NDTV Gadgets, the iPhone 5c would come with a Rs 3,000 discount as a promotional offer making the device available for Rs 34,5000. If this was not sufficient, Apple is also bundling in the Rs 2,300 worth official Apple case free of cost with the 8 GB iPhone 5c. This is certainly a deal sweetener as most of us end up anyway spending thousands on an iPhone accessory.

The iPhone 5c is already available for Rs 34,000 mark and as a result, it is a good guess that Apple will continue with its exchange schemes on the device, which could see the iPhone 5c price come closer to the Rs 30,000 mark. Once again, if you do not need too many apps and are not a media hogger, this may be a sweet price point for a device that still is very much in sync with the latest and greatest in the game. the iPhone sales in India doubled in the last year and there is good reason why Apple is bringing the 8 GB variant after launching it in Germany, UK, Holland and rest of Europe.


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