Apple could be making Radical Changes to Siri

Siri has been a hit. Simple enough that. Although one may argue that Google did bridge the gap with Google Now but Siri definitely remains the most popular voice assistant built till date. It is a marque Apple product, but for that status, Siri is very much a Work in Progress. However this progress may well be catching up some much needed fire as Apple is all set to add functionalities to Siri. Why we say that?


Simply cause Apple has rolled out a binge of job opportunities for engineers who want to work on Siri. To be exact, Apple has posted 12 job openings in Siri focused fields for the position of Software Engineer, Interactive Engineer etc. This definitely sends out clear signals that Apple are not sitting on their laurels as far as Siri comes, there will be changes and new features added to Siri.

This is the description of the Software Engineer post amongt others:

The Siri team is looking for an exceptional engineer to help build out new areas of expertise for Siri, expanding the product’s capabilities for millions of users

There are a couple of features we would like to be added on to Siri. Maybe make it a little less robotic and more humane and launch apps. Like soe of the tech experts said at the launch of Siri, that possibilities with it are absolutely endless and it definitely will be interesting to see where Apple takes this one from here.

Via: Cnet

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