Apple has already started testing iPhone with Force Touch

If 2013/14 was the year of Touch ID, 2015 has been all about Force Touch. As wrong as that name sounds, Force Touch is all about pressure sensitivity and we have seen it in the new MacBook Airs as well as the Apple Watch. Force Touch provides another way of differential input for the device. It is now being reported that not just the MacBooks and Apple Watches, the next iteration of iPhones would also bring Force Touch which would allow for an extra layer of inputs on the touch screen.

Force Touch

The mass production of the device is set to begin sometime next month though the testing has already begun. It was also reported that Apple wanted multi-functional displays to have been a part of the arsenal as far as 2013 though obviously things did not materialise then. With iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, you would expect that Force Touch would then follow up in devices like the iPad and other MacBooks.

The next iteration of iPhone is not expected to hit the market before the holiday season, so there is enough scope for things to change, but if there is something that we are fairly confident of coming into the next iPhones as a true differentiator, it would be Force Touch and unless something radically changes, it should be here.

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