Apple Inc. Described In Numbers (An Infographic)

Apple is without a doubt the leading player when it comes to the Digital world we live in today. Be it phones, tablets or PC world, everything digital more or less has Apple’s footprints on it. they maybe rip off or inspired from Apple’s designs but it it pretty much true to say that everybody wants to be Apple. When we went through the numbers of this wonderful company we were astounded sheer by the number of zeroes preset. So we thought of sharing a very well made infographic which very clearly showed the enormity and the sheer size of Apple. No matter who you are, if you want to be number one, Apple is exactly whom you have to beat, and seems like Microsoft and Samsung understand that well in the PC and Smartphone world. Sadly they are still a bit far off from being the brand that Apple is. Here is the infographic outlining the massive success that Apple is:

(Via: Visual)

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