Apple is World’s Top Smart Phone Seller

Finally Apple is able to dethrone Nokia after its four years of dominance over the smartphone world. Apple was yet to clinch the top spot from Nokia even though its iPhone was busy doing wonders and revolutionizing the smartphone world. Nokia despite all its trouble with its phone and Symbian OS managed to hold the top spot.

Q2 sales shows that Apple and Samsung are ahead of Nokia as it dropped from the top to third place for units sold and market share. Apple became the world’s largest smartphone maker by volume of units sold (20.3 million) and market share (18.5%). Samsung sold 19.2 million units with a 17.5% share while Nokia sold 16.7 million units in Q2 and had a 15.2% market share. The significant decline in Nokia’s sale in the past few years is the result of its outdated Symbian OS and lack of freshness in its upcoming phones. Nokia is also not known for making the best smartphones.


This news is another blow for the Finnish company which finally managed to get out of the Symbian shell and is expected to launch its first windows mobile phone later this year.

Well, Apple may be the biggest vendor for now but stats show that Samsung is gaining on Apple with a lot of pace. Apple’s 142% year on year growth placed it as number one this quarter, but Samsung’s 500% year on year growth shows that it is on song to clinch the top spot if it continues to produce smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy SII.

Overall it can be stated that Nokia’s loss is turning out to be Apple’s and Samsung’s gain.

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