Apple Launches the Magnetic Charging Dock for Apple Watch

Apple has announced a new magnetic charging dock for the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch went on sale in the United States this year around February, though it was only in November that the much-hyped watch made its way to India. When the watch made it to the market, in the retail box you got the magnetic inductive charger that basically attached to the back of your watch to allow charging. This was not the most comfortable charger for those who wanted a full fledged dock like arrangement for their watch so that it could rest on the dock rather than being half on the table and provide added security.

Apple Watch Magnetic Chrging Dock

Apple has heard them and have introduced a new Magnetic Charging Dock for the Apple Watch which allows you to dock the watch both, vertically as well as lying flat on its back. The dock does have an inductive charger inbuilt into it and is powered by a USB to lightning connector cable. One bummer is, that there is no power brick included in the package so you need to use the 5W power brick that comes with the watch itself in the package. The dock is available at Apple Stores in the United States for a price of $79. The good part is, that one dock is capable of charging both, the Apple Watch 38 mm as well as the 42 mm variant.

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