Apple loses out to Motorola in Germany

Motorola has tasted some success in lawsuits against Apple. Motorola has managed to win an injunction against Apple in Germany. A German court has found Apple infringing Motorola’s two European Patents which are method for performing a countdown function during a mobile-originated transfer for a packet radio system and multiple pager status synchronization system and method respectively.

Motorola has issued the following statement on the issue

“As media and mobility continue to converge, Motorola Mobility’s patented technologies are increasingly important for innovation within the wireless and communications industries, for which Motorola Mobility has developed an industry leading intellectual property portfolio. We will continue to assert ourselves in the protection of these assets, while also ensuring that our technologies are widely available to end-users. We hope that we are able to resolve this matter, so we can focus on creating great innovations that benefit the industry.”

While many people believe that this ruling will block the sales of Apple products in Germany Apple said that “this is a procedural issue, and has nothing to do with the merits of the case, it does not affect our ability to sell products or do business inGermanyat this time.”

InGermany, the sales of Apple products are managed by AppleGermanyand the ruling came against Apple Inc. which doesn’t sell products inGermany. This ensures that Apple will continue to sell products inGermanyand the company is even planning to re appeal in German court.

Although Motorola couldn’t manage to block sales of Apple inGermany, it has made a significant impact on Apple. The war of patents has become more aggressive and even the invincible looking Apple has started losing some lawsuits.

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