Apple Music is Live in India with iOS 8.4

Apple announced the update to iOS 8.4 last night at around 8:30 PM in India. It is an incremental update and one that has generated a lot of interest among people. While you have the regular list of bug fixes that have come along, it is the introduction of Apple Music that has made the update so news worthy. Apple Music is Apple’s way of competing with the likes of Spotify and other online music streaming services.

Apple Music

Apple Music revamps the Music app on iOS and you have a new icon and a completely redone interface to put emphasis on users using the streaming service. And we are really glad that all of it has been brought under the Music app instead of keeping two different applications. When you log in for the first time, you can sign up for a free trial for 3 months,  under any one of the two plans, which is Rs 120/ month for one user or Rs 190/ month for family sharing which includes 6 Apple IDs. You can turn off auto-renewal of the subscription in case you do not wish to use the service beyond, but we really don’t see why you would not want to.

Post you picking the plan, you can select the music, genres or artists that you like, so that the app will play music that you like when you choose to play curated music under the ‘For You’ tab. You can also connect with the artists as well as play radio channels plus your existing music on the system right from the app. While we have used the app only for about 4 hours now, we are mighty impressed with the collection as well as the playback and interface of the application. It would not take you too long to really like Apple Music as well.

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