Apple Must Deliver To Avoid “END”-Game

Projected as the  world’s first trillion dollar company, Apple doesn’t seem to  continuously defy the law of averages.  It has been a decade since Apple first returned to profitability and gave its shareholders something to smile about and to this day, things couldn’t have got any merrier for Jobs’ brain child and its associates.

In the recently concluded Developer’s Conference Apple introduced to us a fresh range of products to further strengthen its product portfolio to dominate the markets. Apple’s iCloud service already boasts 125 million registered users; the Mac user base has grown to 66 million users since launch the OS X Lion last summer, with 40 percent of Mac users running that Operating System. Such impeccable stats only affirm the fortunes that analysts and experts have predicted for this tech-giant.

However, as the company continues to swell  and in its journey to set new benchmarks day after another, it appears to be failing to address the increasing number of loose ends that emerge in any entity of its stature. Specifically, in absence of Jobs peremptory vision, Apple may have been fiddling with “strings” that has “deafened” many large corporations in the past. With the “i” devices not debuting any major ground breaking technologies, even some of its more ardent fans were left in disarray. Some of it products like itv, Airport Express, mac mini; which are just cashing in the loyalist(the snobby elite) may become more of an liability for Apple, if those products don’t offer an edge over what the competition has to offer.

And the competitors are taking advantage of this small window of opportunity that Apple is leaving for them to crawl back in. With Google launching its Nexus Tab 7, Nokia anteing its smartphone range with the Lumia range and Surface, and Samsung already in commanding lead in the smartphone segment; Apple needs to go back on drawing table and address the demand of the hour.

If apple has to avoid the fate of its contemporary Microsoft, once hailed as the leader of PC revolution, then Apple has to to learn from the mistakes that lead to Microsoft’s troubles. A company that once held an unyielding market share, is trading at nearly one twentieth the of an apple stock. These misfortunes can largely be attributed to the careless and arrogant attitude taken up by the Microsoft think that. Microsoft had such a commanding  hold in the market, much like a monopoly, that it didn’t feel to make amends with time. And thus it is forced to face the repercussions.

Tim Cook and his team should take learning of the Microsoft paradigm before the mellifluous music ceases for them. Dell’s CEO Michael Dell was once quoted that if he ran Apple “he would shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders”. If you are one of those who abides by Dell’s notion traded your apple stocks ten years ago then you must be busy person coming with fresh curses for  yourself. And if Apple wants to continue defy the trends and shame its haters  then it must  deliver to the expectations it has build for itself.

Blogtechnika would like to thank Mr. Praketa Saxena for his generous contribution towards this post. His input is greatly appreciated.

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