Apple Pays Tribute To Steve Jobs

If you are an Apple fan or not, but just a general technology enthusiast, chances are the date October 5th is well etched in to your memory. It indeed is the date last year when the world lost one of the most innovative people, the CEO of Apple inc Steve Jobs. Steve has inspired an entire generation and a lot more and widely regarded as the Edison of our Generation.His passing away has been one of the most spoken about event in the tech industry. I too had contributed my two cents to what the great man meant to me here. However, after a year, we all stand together yet again remembering all the great contributions that Steve made in making our lives better. In this sad hour, Apple too have paid their tribute to their founder in a very touching manner.

As their mark of respect, Apple have put up a great video compilation on their website and removed everything away from their homepage. You too can watch that amazing video by visiting the site here. We honestly advice everybody to watch the video as it has some of the best stuff Steve said. And at the end of the video is a tribute by Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple. Tim is well known to have been very close to Steve and his note certainly pays the tribute very well. It indeed is a touching an a nice gesture from Apple.

Via: Apple


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