Apple Q1 Results Out: Staggering 51M iPhones Sold

They are always the most awaited Quarter results and as the industry trend setter, Apple once again turned heads with it’s Q1 2014 Results. The Q1 results were obviously of more interest than any other quarter because of the release of the new iPhones, iPads and Mac Pro late last year.

Percentages product wise

The numbers certainly smell of a success story with Apple making EPS of $14 on the earning of $57.5 Billion for the quarter. The number of iPhones shipped were a total of 51 Million. A total of 26 Million iPad units were sold and 4.8 Million Macs. Although these numbers are fantastic, they are still short of the expected 57 Million iPhones sold that Wall Street Journal had predicted.

These results eclipse the Q1 results of 2013 where Apple made a revenue of $54.5 Billion with a profit of around $13.1 Billion. The shocking bit from the results though was the number of iPods sold though which fell to an all time low. With iPhones and iPads becoming more and popular, this certainly seems like a dead end for the suave MP3 player. With Gross Margin of about 37.5% there certainly is a party mood at 1 Infinite Loop.

Via: Business insider

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