Apple Releases the First Beta Version of iOS 9.3

Apple has been letting those interested test out their new iOS releases well before they are made public in an interesting Beta Program. The latest advantage of having enrolled yourself into the Beta program is that you can enjoy iOS 9.3 update, which is perhaps the most feature-filled update on iOS 9 so far. Phil Schiller tweeted out saying that iOS 9.3 has been seeded out to those who are a part of the Beta testing circle which primarily includes the developers and it has some terrific new features.

You have the all-new ‘Night Shift’ mode, which basically cools off the temperature of your display by overlaying a Blue tint over the panel automatically at sunset and restores the original at the sunrise. Apps like Flu.x have a similar capability on the Mac. The Notes app can now be protected by the Touch ID so that your notes are secure and you also have some improvements being made to the Apple CarPlay. Education features also have been ramped up as children in the classroom will be able to log into each others iPads while teacher will be able to project or share the display of one of the iPads if she wishes too, via Mirroring.

It is not clear when the iOS 9.3 update will be officially pushed out, but if you are to go by the general cycle, it may well be anytime between three to five weeks before an average Joe will be able to enjoy iOS 9.3.

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