Apple Reuploads its Apple Watch Videos with Smaller Renders than before

Apple has re-uploaded the video of its Apple watch to youtube today, with few added features and illustrations. However, several people have observed that the renders in the newly uploaded video have the display size of the Apple watch much smaller than what it was initially. Apple Watch has an air of secrecy around it despite its launch recently on September 9th, mainly because the device has not gone on sale just as yet.

The watch is expected to go on sale sometime next year in January or early February and reportedly the production has not even started yet. this begs the question whether the issue was with just the renders, or maybe Apple has decided to actually shrink the display a little bit in order to improve the battery life of the device in order to make it a little more attractive.

If you have not checked out the video, you can see the new one right here below. It talks about the watch and the functionality in detail as well as what the thinking was behind the UI and other elements that the watch has been added. As always, the presentation from Apple is neat and immaculately done.

Via: 9to5Mac

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