Apple set to announce the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in India on November 1st

As several Apple fanatics would say, finally it is here. Yes, Apple has formally announced that starting November 1st, the two new iPhones will be available in India and several other countries such Mexico. It certainly is a sign of growing importance of India in the books of Apple that the country has featured rather prominently as the batch two of the iPhones start rolling out.


There has not been any revelation about what the price of the device will be, but the good guess is that iPhone 5c would be somewhere in the region of Rs. 38,000 while the iPhone 5s would be priced around the Rs 45,000 mark like the iPhone 5 currently. The iPhone 5c certainly seems to be in a much more demand as compared to the iPhone 5s, however, we are sure once the people get their hands on the whole concept of Touch ID and the improved camera, the iPhone 5s would be very attractive.

iPhones in India have certainly become a popular possesion and surely the news of the new iPhones being available sooner than most expected would be a welcome and a good news.

Via: FoneArena

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