Apple shows off the Yosemite Video Highlighting Everything that is new with the Mac OSX 10.10

It was a rather strange WWDC, as for the first time in the years gone by, that most of us were more excited for what Apple announced for its Macs that the iPhones. This meant that the announcement of the Yosemite, or OSX 10.10 turned plenty  more heads than iOS 8. Part of the reason for that is that, while iOS 8 is an incremental update over iOS 7, OSX 10.10 Yosemite is the biggest update yet to hit the Macs in the last ten years.


With the new transparent windows, newer and thinner fonts as well as a bunch of interesting add ons like continuity, OSX 10.10 is to Mac what iOS 7 was to iPhone. It aims to bring iOS and OSX closer in terms of both design language as well as usability. It is expected that Yosemite will be an available in the fall this year for absolutely free. You can already be a part of the developer preview gang and try out the Yosemite for free by signing up on the Yosemite page on the website.

Now, Apple has put up a video on Youtube that gives you a bit more of an in depth look at the OS focussing largely on the new design changes such as the new icons and colour schemes that have been brought. You can also see other features like Notification Center, iMessages as well as Air Drop in the video embedded below:

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