Apple Submitted the USB Type C Port to the Industry

The USB C-Type port has made several headlines in the past few days. First it was the Apple MacBook and then the new Google Chromebook Pixel which brought the USB C-Ctype port to prominence. The port is capable of data transferring, charging your appliances as well as playing the output from your system. Added the benefit that the port is reversible in nature and also backwards compatible, makes the Type C port highly desirable, leaving very little to doubt that the port will go on to become a universal entity.

USB Type C

While we all appreciate that finally we are moving towards, one single USB solution, the question of the origin of the USB Type C Port remains a mystery. No claims has been made on whose brainchild the port is, but according to John Gruber of Daring Fireball, it was Apple who gave the industry this port, but due to certain circumstances have not been able to claim ownership. John said:

Only that from what I’ve been told, Apple ought to be getting (and taking) credit as the leading company behind USB-C’s innovations. Not that they “invented” it, but that they “basically invented” it. I completely stand by that. But there are a lot of politics involved. One reason Apple isn’t taking more public credit for their role: they truly want USB-C to see widespread adoption; a perception that it’s an Apple technology might slow that down.

You can follow the entire post on Gruber’s blog right here.


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