Apple To Hold WWDC ’12 On June 11th

Apple has announced that it’s annual Developers conference the ‘world wide developer’s conference’ will be held from June 11th to 15th in San Francisco. The WWDC in the past has been used at the event for the launch of iPad as well iPhones. However, with the new iPad launched just a few days ago and the iPhone seemingly following the one year launch cycle which would only be completed in October, this WWDC promises something different.

Various experts have had their say and it seems like this WWDC would solely focus on the Operating Systems of Apple as it looks to integrate more and more of iOS on its Desktop running OS like Lion in it’s newest OS called Mountain Lion. There are also mummers that iOS 6 would be launched with a few more modifications to the Notification Center which would be really welcome. Do not hold your breath for a product launch. There may be few more clarifications about the future of Macbook Pro series of Apple Laptops and also a new series of iMacs. There would be about 100 Apple Engineers

“We have a great WWDC planned this year and can’t wait to share the latest news about iOS and OS X Mountain Lion with developers  The iOS platform has created an entirely new industry with fantastic opportunities for developers across the country and around the world.” quoted Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing.

What do you expect from WWDC 12? What would you like to see? Do let us know.

via: CNET

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