Apple to Livestream WWDC Keynote Today

World Wide Developer’s conference is one of the days that every techy has well marked on his or her calendar in bold. It is usually at the event that we get a peek into what Apple is planning for the upcoming year in terms of product cycle. Apple had introduced the much debated iOS 7 as well as OSX Mavericks last year and this year, it most likely that Apple will follow up with those. There is little indication about a new gadget announcement, though we may still see refreshed iMacs this year. The conference will kick off in San Francisco starting from June 2nd to June 6th and it is likely that Apple will keep big announcements like the new iPhone, iWatch as well as the new iTv for an event in the last quarter.

WWDC- 2014

If you will be unable to attend the event like most of us, then you can still catch the action live from the opening keynote of WWDC as Apple will be broadcasting it live on its WWDC microsite. However, the catch here is that you will obviously need an Apple product to be able to watch the live stream happen. It is expected we will see iOS 8 and Mac OSX 10.10 at WWDC this year. Mac OSX 10.10, if rumors are to go by, will be a massive facelift and will be very similar to the overall flat and colorful UI like what we saw on iOS 7.

You can tune into the WWDC site here to know about the coordinates of the live stream.

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