Apple To Release two iPhones in 2014?

In this time when the internet is the all mighty and powerful force, it is next to impossible to keep what a major OEM might be working on under the wraps for too long. Just look at the recently announced HTC One where practically every single detail of the device was out in the open even before HTC had said a word about the device. Although Apple has been able to keep most of their launches under secrecy till the point Steve Jobs was in charge, things have not been the same since. Apart from the Mac Pro, there has not been any product even from mighty Apple that has not been seen before the official announcement.

Apple roadmap 2014

Now, the popular Apple blog Macrumors has caught hold of what looks like the roadmap of product launches of Apple in 2014. According to the document shown above, Apple would be announcing brand new Mac Mini in Q2 which may well coincide with WWDC. In Q3 Apple would announce new ultra thin Macbooks, thought to be 12 inch Macbook Airs as well as upgraded retina Mac Pros. It would be in Q3 only when Apple would release 2 versions of iWatch too if this doc is to be believed as well as an upgraded Apple TV. On iWatch ,the blog cites KGI securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo, “Kuo believes the iWatch will ship during the end of the third quarter, offering biometric functionality, integration with the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and a “fashionable appearance.” As has been previously suggested, he predicts the device will come in two sizes, with a 1.3-inch and 1.5-inch flexible AMOLED display. It will also include a sapphire cover lens, biometric recognition, an NFC chip, wireless charging, a 200 to 250 mAh battery, and a slim and light design. Kuo also believes that Apple will offer the iWatch at multiple price points, with the most expensive version costing upwards of $1,000.”

However, the surprise revelation of the doc is that there would be two iPhones.

This is what the blog wrote on the two iPhones, “Supporting previous iPhone 6 rumors, Kuo believes the device will come in two sizes: 4.7 and 5.5-inches, with resolutions of 1334×750 (326ppi) and 1920 x 1080 (401 ppi), respectively. Both models will come with an A8 processor, 1GB of RAM, LTPS display panels, optical image stabilization, and Touch ID. Kuo points to a 10 to 20 percent narrower bezel, a 6.5–7.0mm thickness, metal casings, and NFC integration. Mass shipments of the 4.7-inch version are expected in September, with the 5.5-inch version shipping later. Kuo suggests that only the 64GB 5.5-inch version will use sapphire displays. ”

The first one would be a 4.7 inch device that would be out sometime in Q3 while the larger 5.5 inch phablet iPhone would be out in Q4 of 2014. There have been rumors about Apple considering going towards larger iPhones given the popularity of large phones with Android, but we certainly did not think that Apple would jump on the phablet wagon. New iPads are expected too in Q3, however, the iPad Air upgrade will only see newer A8 chips and a Touch ID with the same design as the current iPad Air.

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