Apple Updates Facetime Logo in its Trademark

iOS 7 is the biggest change to happen to iOS since the iPhone. The whole UI has been revamped right from the ground up, like it or not, it is here to stay long term. APple has already released the second Beta update of iOS and looks like we are looking at the third beta update in the mid of July. However, with changes in UI come a lot of new headaches. And no, we are not talking about the bright greens that hurt your eyes but the problems that Apple might face simply on the legal front. This is mainly because all these Logos are trademarks of Apple and having new ones means new trademarks.


However, Apple has already begun the legal process of adding these new Logos to the Trademark. The first one that has been caught is the logo of Facetime. So far, the logo was a video camera really with grey colour, however with iOS 7, the Facetime logo is a flatter green icon with a white video camera in the center. Patently Apple was the first one to catch hold of the drawing, and although we still expect changes in the coming Beta versions, one thing you can pretty much lock down is there will be no further changes in the icon, at least of Facetime as Apple is already in the process of securing it legally.

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Via: technobuffalo

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