Apple vs Rest Of The World (An Infographic)

If you have kept your eyes and ears open, you might have definitely heard of the news that Apple is now the most valuable company across the globe. A lot of experts have said that the growth of Apple has been phenomenal and one that most people did not expect. In fact, Guy Kawasaki who was the evangelist for Apple, also said that he started believing in God once he saw the astronomical rise of Apple, else no way could a company survive from the position they were in and then go on to become a world dominating force. All said and done, love it or hate it, Apple always seems to be associated with some absolutely incredible figures. In fact, it is extremely difficult to gauge Apple’s success until you look at a few comparisons and few graphs. No, we are not statisticians here but until you see the relative success, you may still not get the true extent of money and name this company has made.

Here we have an extremely interesting info graphic that would help you gauge where exactly does Apple stand in front of it’s close competitors and what is the company worth when it comes to tech market. Be it the iPad, iPhone, iPod or Macbook range of laptops, a good case can be made for Apple being the very best brand in the series of devices they have produced. On to the info graphic now.

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