Apple Vs Samsung: The Patent War Explained (An Infographic)

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that you might be browsing through a tech business site and came across stories about the patent war between Apple and Samsung. It has been an ongoing saga for the past two years and seems like the two companies just are in no mood to let go. Apple CEO Tim Cooks described the war once as ‘pain in the ass’. It is pretty clear neither of the two smart phone giants enjoy  it but what is also clear is that neither of them are in any mood to back off. Now, there is a great chance that most of the common people do not even know what exactly is the reason why the two companies are in the mood to slit each others neck. So we thought we will make it slightly easy for you and in the simplest form of an Infographic tell you what exactly is a patent war and what are the grounds on which the two companies are fighting. Here is a the entire story of the patent war in form of Infographic:

(Via: Visual)

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