Apple Watch 2 Rumours Suggest Built in Camera

Apple Watch has been easily the most sold smart wearable out there even though it is not officially available in a lot of countries. The preorders alone broke the backbone of Android Wear but looks like Apple is not sitting on its laurels and is already planning for the future and what is coming up next. According to several reports, Apple has realised that a major drawback with the first Apple Watch was the over dependence on the iPhone and it is looking to making the phone independent in its next generation which is expected to be out somewhere towards the end of the year when the next version of the iPhone comes out.

Apple Watch

If the report from 9to5Mac is to be believed, the Apple Watch 2 will have a Facetime Camera as well as an inbuilt WiFi chip so that you will be able to make Facetime audio and video calls directly from the watch itself without having to depend on your phone. Android Wear had gone a similar route where it made the wearable independent of the WiFi usage on the smartphone and was greeted with a lot of positivity.

Other than this, all the other features are expected to remain the same, including the screen, resolution, battery life as well as the editions.

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