Apple Watch Pre Order Crosses 2.3 Million Units

It was stated that the Apple Watch would be the first smartwatch that people would take seriously and will set a barometer which any player who is aspiring to enter the watch or wearables space will have to diligently compete against. The Apple Watch went for pre order last Friday on the 10th of April and since then several people have had the opportunity to try the watch out in the Apple Stores before the delivery starts on April 24th. In this period, there has been a lot of buzz around the watch with the media especially been pretty vocal about how it would take time to get used to a completely new interface.

Apple Watch1

However, none of that seems to have deterred anybody from the watch and looks like the marketing and large SOV in the tech world has worked for Apple with more than 2.3 million units going up for pre-order already, with another week to almost run. Putting everything into perspective, especially the fact that only .8 million Android Wear watches, combined have been sold so far gives you a great indication of where Apple stands and how the Apple Watch is killing the competition. The Sport Edition has accounted for almost 85% of the pre orders.

The 2.3 million figure comes from a report by Ming-Chi Kuo, who stated:

We estimate production of Apple Watch around 2.3mn units in March-May. Mass production of Apple Watch began in March and will likely reach 2.3mn by end of May.


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